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202 ndPlazarural broadcast auction

From Cottage Hotel and nationwide: December 12th and 13th, 2018

Our Company

This company was founded in 1887 by Don Alejandro Victorica Bresque, a visionary man for his time, who positioned himself as leader in a business that has led to a succession of four generations.
Don Alejandro Victorica Bresque, always in close contact with farm life and with great passion for his work, began developing the agribusiness management company “Casa Victorica”, a name for which it´s still known until today by generations of clients. Family members, friends and collaborators are an integral part of the company.
As years went by, company management passed from one generation to the next, first to his son, Don Juan José Victorica Belgrano, who in turn was succeeded by his son, Juan Jose Victorica Turenne, third generation, father to auctioneer Ignacio Victorica, who nowadays leads the company, which is now known by the name of Victorica Consignaciones SRL, with great charisma and performance.
“It’s a pleasure to lead this company that was established by my family 125 years ago and goes back four generations. I believe that our strong conviction in customer service and treating clients like friends, making them feel at home, has led us to grow and endure throughout the years, with clients who have trusted us for several generations. We are thankful to all those who have trusted us from the beginning; and to those who still haven´t, we welcome you”, Ignacio Victorica.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive agribusiness advisory services, covering local and international markets, always keeping the moral values, guidelines, track record and spirit of the company´s founder, Don Alejandro Victorica, based on commitment, ethics and our responsibility towards our clients. For this reason, we are committed to meeting our clients' requirements, our essential goal being to satisfy their needs in strict compliance with what was agreed.


Our vision is to achieve leadership through an active and dynamic participation in markets, in order to provide an agile, efficient and reliable service, based on the knowledge of their evolution and perspective.